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Fallout 3

Render, 2013

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"Thank you, faithful servant of Caesar. You will be…handsomely compensated for your civic duty."

i haven’t drawn fallout in like 8 months omg

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u want a boi who trains his MIND, not just his BODY

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this is not love, this is not clean | listen 

m!Courier x Vulpes Inculta

01 | black eyes - shearwater 

"come down from the lion’s back, no light on the western shore"

02 | rival - black rebel motorcycle club

 ”i need a rival, i'm tired of the fools who are killing for survival, we’re not the righteous, we’re not the innocent, we’re just a sign, it’s all gone wrong”

03 | your head will be rotting on a spike - black light burns

"your head will be rotting on a spike, i don’t complain much but i might, given the time it’s not the time to make an enemy”

04 | hatefuck - the bravery

"if i put my hands around your wrists, would you fight them? if i put my fingers in your mouth, would you bite them? so many things that i would do if i had my way with you, and there will be no tenderness, i will show no mercy for you, you had no mercy for me, the only thing that I ask, love me mercilessly”

05 | a stranger - a perfect circle

"you’re a stranger, so what do i care, you vanish today, not the first time i hear all the lies”

06 | battle lust - 10 years

"lovers, liars, you’re colder than death, bound in the battle lust, everything turns to dust”

07 | 4 walls - black light burns

"go for the jugular, cut the vein and kiss it away, this is not love, this is not clean, i'll keep digging down deeper in you until i find what makes you scream”

08 | nature of inviting - iamx

"the surrender to the power makes me born again, i worship intoxication at your open play, to your recklessness and pleasure i purely commit, i love you, i hate you, that’s the nature of inviting”

09 | thinking of you - a perfect circle

"lying all alone and restless, unable to lose this image, sleepless, unable to focus on anything but your surrender”

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I’ll probably work on these drawing memes tomorrow, since I’m raiding with my guild tonight on WoW. \o/


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Voile || Closed RP with BetterHealing


Arcade raised a brow slightly as he studied the other man further, almost as if trying to see if that statement had been a lie or not. But it wasn’t even that, was it? "Are you new to Freeside or the Strip? This isn’t necessary nearly as busy as both places are capable of being on an exceedingly busy day." It remained a level, loose enough question - with enough of a note to it to indicate the blond man’s curiosity but that he’d too leave it be if it were one that the stranger wasn’t interested in properly answering.

The other man’s flirting did not go unnoticed at all. An amused look crossed the Follower’s face before he shook his head and took another sip of the beverage, knowing better than to set it down anywhere and leave it unattended. "I dare say such an observation would be fairly mutual. I’m Arcade." He offered his free hand for the other to shake, chancing only one glance to make sure his friend was still doing okay before his attention returned near completely on the other man before him.

"Would you be interested in dancing? Or just seating ourselves and talking for a bit." He nodded in the direction of the elaborate couches that had been set up hither and fro about the lavish room.

"My name is Ethan, and yes, I am fairly new here. I migrated from further west. I’d like to rest my legs for a moment and have a drink, if that’s okay with you."

Arcade didn’t suspect a thing. Perhaps Vulpes’ voice set something off inside of him, but he obviously wasn’t running in the opposite direction, so his guise was working otherwise. Maybe it was the alcohol, or just the atmosphere. (It was rather loud, to say the least.) He figured that maybe Arcade must be a little lacking in the form of company, considering his dedication to his occupation. Especially company in the form of a seemingly fantastical romance with a charming man from the masquerade. Oh, it was almost too good to be true.

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nulla regressæ [Vulpes || Arcade]


That at the very least was marginally better. Arcade did rather prefer to not find himself choked to death by anyone… let alone this man in particular. He wouldn’t make it easy for Vulpes, writhing and struggling to free himself the entire way as desperation flooded through his senses. If anything the dark chuckles from the soldiers outside fueled it even further - they probably knew what was in store for him and he didn’t like one figment of it at all!

A startled yelp escaped him as he found himself meeting the ground hard yet again, curling instinctively into the kick to try to lessen the damage done. It still hurt and he was well enough away that it certainly was going to leave a bruise behind, but the medical professional part of his mind quickly noted that it wasn’t hard enough to do not even nearly as much damage as the Legionary was certainly capable of inflicting.

… what in the world did the cursed man have in mind?

"Who said I wanted it? Your attention is of no appeal to me." Moving slowly as if to try to not trigger another assault his hand drifted to where he was kicked as he started to sit up, blue eyes settled on the cruel, brutal man that wouldn’t allow him to leave.

"You talk too much." He knew that Arcade knew this. It was the blond’s most highlighted characteristic, his attitude. Arcade would spit on the face of death if it wore the golden bull of the Legion. "Maybe I should shut you up for good." 

Vulpes tears off his cowl, tossing it aside and reaching for his knife. He tears off a long piece of his skirt, rolling it in his hands and testing its strength. The fabric was thick like leather, and it refused to tear in his hands even though he pulled it tight.

Setting his eyes on the blond again, he kneels down, thrusting his elbow into Arcade’s chest to knock him onto his back, where he pins him easily using only one arm. In his other hand, he holds his knife at standby. “Open your mouth.”

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